Monday, 8 April 2013

Things to thrill Sylvie (Part 1 of 2)

Or, some excellent children’s holiday activities inspired by Pinterest.

I cordially invite you to visit one of my Pinterest boards,

"Things to thrill Sylvie".  

Amongst the chameleons, cute creatures, bento box delights, squirrels, swans and dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs; I pin images of activities that we might like to try out together.

Sylvie loves to scroll through this board, and will often click on the image to enlarge it, and draw what she sees.  I never tell her what I have recently pinned and so the board is a visual lucky dip.

So far, (with a little help to set her up), she has taken on (and thoroughly enjoyed) several projects pinned into Things to thrill Sylvie.  They were so much fun, that, considering in some states of Australia the holidays have already begun, and that in our state, the term ends this Friday; that these ideas would be good things to share.

For those uninitiated into the world of Pinterest, jump in and have a look around in the site.  It's truly wonderful and is a modern testament that the world is an amazing place.
This post will cover 3 dinosaur themed activities.  I will show you a grab image of the original Pinterest pin and some photos of how Sylvie's versions looked.  Most of the activities are self-explanatory, but if I have an extra hint discovered through the "doing" of the activity, that will be included.

You can look forward to more holiday activity ideas inspired by Pinterest in Part 2 of this blog, published this Thursday.

Happy holidays!

Bicarb of soda & vinegar Prehistoric Dinosaur Swamp

You will need:
an old baking tray
baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda if you live in Australia)
5 glasses
food colouring
a pipette (bought from a pharmacy)
white vinegar (at least 1 litre)

I popped everything on an old tray to avoid any spills.

Show your child that if you want to keep the colours clean, they should wash out their pipette in the plain vinegar before changing to a new colour.

We added red, yellow, blue and green food colouring to 4 glasses of vinegar.  Add a spare uncoloured glass of vinegar to wash the pipette out between changing each colour.

Serious fun.

The volcano's centre hole can be filled with plain vinegar or red coloured vinegar for a special lava effect.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Swamp complete with plastic fauna and flora.

This was the original pin that inspired the idea for the Prehistoric Dinosaur Swamp.

Smash dinosaurs

Frozen in time... but not for long!

Fill a 2 litre container (with lid) with (inexpensive) plastic dinosaurs and water, freeze until solid.  Let your child smash their way through the ice to reveal the dinosaurs.  You might consider taking the dino ice block out of the freezer for a little time before handing it over to your child so the ice is not so impossibly hard to shatter.

Good outdoor fun.

The original pin that inspired the dino smash idea.

Tissue box dinosaur feet

You will need:
2 empty tissue boxes for one set of feet
crepe paper cut into squares
glue stick or clag glue
kitchen sponges
(optional if you wish to protect the flooring in your house) pieces of felt
hot glue gun

Ask the children to cover the surface of the tissue box with the crepe paper squares (not the underside).
When they have finished, hot glue the "dinosaur claws" (the sponges you have cut into claw shapes) to the top edge of the tissue box (if they are on the bottom, the children may trip over them).  Hot glue felt to the underside of the feet if you wish.  And the fun will begin.

This Pinterest pin shows a much neater job than ours, the children who made our pink and green versions were aged 3-5 years.  Just goes to show the fun is also in the making!

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