Thursday, 11 April 2013

“Star, Cloud and Crystal Lake”

Or, a sneak peek at a brand-new painting finished just yesterday.

"Star, Cloud and Crystal Lake"
Graeme Townsend
Acrylic on canvas, 91 cm x 1700 cm

For your enjoyment, "Star, Cloud and Crystal Lake". 

GT finished this painting yesterday afternoon and it is now being transported to Sydney to the Christopher Day Gallery. 

Click here to visit the Christopher Day Gallery site

The birds are Purple Swamphens; they are waterbirds and live predominantly where they can access low-lying waters.  Their feathers really do have that fabulous blue hue and super red beak.  They are a little larger than a Bantam and a little smaller than a chicken.  Their long legs and toes are for picking their way through vegetation.  So very elegant and noble, and a favourite bird of Graeme’s, he has featured many of these Purple Swamphens in his paintings over the years.

Before the Internet was around (Graeme has been painting for over 30 years), GT relied on his huge collection of books for source material.  One book that was a star performer, and remains a “go-to” for information is “The Reader’s Digest Complete Book of Australian Birds”.

Dusty and paint smeared, the cover of GT's copy of The Reader's Digest Complete Book of Australian Birds.

GT’s copy has a paint-smeared cover, and is suffering from the effects of overspray from the airbrush he uses (rendering most items in the studio a sheer matte grey with a dusty-feeling finish, including the books stacked in shelves), the back cover has, from over-use, been wrenched from the spine and many pages are, naturally, complete with artist’s doodles.

You can read more about the Purple Swamphen in the scan I took from the book, and note well, yes, the doodles… (hint, the feet)...

Click on the image if you want to see it in a larger size

Before you leave this post, take a moment to look carefully at the painting again and notice the beautiful reflection of the cloud and star in the water.  So serene and peaceful.

Wishing you, the reader, a beautiful, serene and peaceful day.

Lara Jane.

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