Thursday, 4 April 2013

A few words about wishes

Or a reminder about the power of wishing.

Dandelions can be found behind the old barn.
Here is Sylvie contemplating her wish.
She takes this very seriously.

Do you still make wishes?  I do.  But not enough I think.  Wishes are an acknowledgement of hope and when you’re feeling a bit flat sometimes thinking up what it is that you would like to wish for puts things in perspective enough for you to see the positive, realise what it is you’re trying to achieve and keep going.

So, decide on your wish and have it at the ready so you are prepared when any of the events listed below occur in the near future.

Make a wish when:

You see a shooting star
Blowing out candles on a birthday cake
You are cutting a birthday cake (don’t touch the bottom)
You toss a coin in a fountain
You break the wishbone of a chicken (this takes two people of course)
And, (one of the easiest ones for me to do at the moment as they are plentiful);

When you come upon a dandelion.

If you need inspiration to make a wish, you can’t go past Disney’s “When you wish upon a star” (from “Pinocchio”).  You might want to watch this short video that features the song and includes vision from the film. 

I’m off to walk outside and find myself a dandelion.  And make a wish.  Or two…  

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