Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Photographs of our Easter Sunday Treasure Hunt

Or a visual summary of our very early start to Easter Sunday morning.

Yes, it was dark, the sunrise was due at 7.20am but we began the hunt a little before that.  Earlier that morning I was stumbling about in the dark forest hanging balloons and placing gnomes up the driveway and surprising the chickens while they were still sleepy because I needed to place clues in their nesting box.  It was so dark, the rooster was still asleep!

On waking, Sylvie discovered the Easter Bunny had visited, and had gnawed the carrot and drunk some of the water. 

Sylvie's note to the Easter Bunny, complete with carrot and water.
He left a note for Sylvie explaining the rules of the hunt (pick up any rubbish you drop and don’t unwrap any presents until you get home).  In his letter he said he was;

“…delighted that you took the time to set out a carrot and some water for me last night.  It was very thoughtful.”

It was lucky that he provided an explanation as to why Mummy was running around in the dark that morning by writing;

“I have arranged some parts of your Treasure Hunt, but I have left a list of jobs for Mummy to complete”.

And the hunt began.

The iceblock smash was a good way to disperse some excitement and energy (although messy I will admit).

The balloon clue and pin seemed to delight Sylvie, there is something about that moment where you prise open the plastic egg to discover what is inside, I guess that’s why Kinder Surprise eggs are popular all year-round.
The clue balloon
The clue sent Sylvie into the forest where she needed to pop every balloon and collect the letters to form a word that would spell the next clue.

The blackboard puzzle with the chicky-chick clues worked especially well.  We blindfolded Sylvie to walk her into the cubby which she found thrilling.
In all the excitement, Sydney the bear is still waiting for his cup of tea.
The biggest hit was the dinosaur dig in the playsand.  I had a bucket nearby to shovel the excess sand into and another with water to wash the sand off the dinosaur.  Sylvie declared that this was her ‘best Easter ever!’  
Not a usual Saturday night, burying the dinosaurs.
The dinosaur dig, complete with thrilling volcano!

The highlight of our Easter Sunday Treasure Hunt, the dinosaur dig.
I would like to add that I think that I might have outsmarted our resident crows.  In my blog from February, Make me! The milk bottle Easter bunny (http://larajanetownsend.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/make-me-milk-bottle-easter-bunny.html) I tell the tale of several disappointing Easter Egg Hunts that should be described in modern parlance as epic fails, due to the fact that most of the eggs had been stolen by the local wildlife.  The crows were in part responsible for this thievery. 

This year, I popped the chocolate eggs into plastic fillable eggs and scattered them down the driveway.  Not one went missing!  I must remember that for next year’s hunt.  I’m already planning…

Collecting the eggs scattered on the driveway.

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