Thursday, 19 September 2013

When life imitates art. Yes, it happens!

or “The fish in the sky” paintings that became a reality for a short while.

Here is the art.
“Commuterfish”, Acrylic on canvas, 121 x 152cm, Artist, Graeme Townsend.

Graeme painted these images to wittily describe a scenario where global warming had raised our oceans to the level where the ‘fish were in the sky’.  Make what you will of the paintings; Townsend works are often enigmatic…  “Commuterfish” is part of our personal collection and hangs in our dining room.  Nothing like a touch of the surreal to bring perspective to your day.

“Under a Southern sun”, Acrylic on canvas, 122 x 152cm, Artist, Graeme Townsend (that's me on the recliner reading).  The beach shack depicted is typical of the type built on the cheap in the 60's when coastal land was inexpensive to buy; examples of this part of Australia's history are still plentiful, many have been in families for several generations. This painting has been sold and was exhibited at the Christopher Day Gallery in Paddington, Sydney, Australia, in a one-man show Graeme called "The magic rabbit".  The image is inspired from the days when we lived by the seaside. 
... And here is life imitating art.

Sylvie received the fish shaped kite for Christmas 2012 and we have finally used it for the first time in September 2013… The great time delay (many months or from Summer to Spring) was due to the fact that when it’s windy around us, it’s not simply windy, but a veritable tempest.  In a big blow, the noise of the wind is so fierce, we need to turn the volume up on the TV.  Far too rough for a delicate little fish-shaped kite!

This is BOM*, we're addicted, this is a short video of the today's storm hitting us, but  click here to see our weather real time via satellite.

Click on this video to get an experience of the BOM* video above, in real time: these tempests visit upon us regularly.  Fierce!

(* Bureau of Meteorology).

But on this day, the conditions were perfect; windy, but not too much and we enjoyed a half-hour or so of ‘fish in the sky’ kite flying.

And visual proof, that from time to time, life does imitate art.

Finally the perfect conditions for kite flying!



and away!

Daddy, when may I have a go?

At the helm and delighted.

Uplifting to the spirits to see a kite soar against a beautiful azure sky.

If you've fallen in love with a Townsend featured on the site, email the gallery. Fiona and Christopher are happy to organise shipping to anywhere in the world and have on many past occasions.  There are many Townsends in the most far flung destinations!

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