Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hello Blossom!

Or, Spring is in the air…

(Another in my series:  "It caught my eye and why"...)

A bee is as seduced as I by the scent emanating from these blossoms.

Here is a list (not definitive nor complete); proof that Spring is just days away:

The chickens have begun to lay again.

I can stand on the deck with my morning cup of tea at 6.30am to watch the rising sun cast shadows of the trees on the paddocks to the West of me without feeling too cold.

Suddenly, it seems you are able to hang washing out to dry outside again.

The neon yellow blooms of the Oxalis weeds (sour sobs) have overtaken certain parts of the orchard.

Blossoms are beginning to open on all the fruit trees in the region.

Everywhere you walk, the blossoms release a sweet perfume casting delightful zephyrs of scent that, for me, are the olfactory symbols of Spring.

An abundance of pink blossoms.
These blossoms, close up, are almost rose like.
Happy sunny days ahead!
I had to avoid the bees, I was getting in their way I'm sure!
The blossoms in our orchard.
A carpet of white petals on the moss.
Sprigs of the several types of blossoms I photographed.
I couldn't toss the sprigs I had collected, so they were popped into a little vase.

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