Thursday, 15 August 2013

Why, hello, yellow!

Or, Spring is nigh; Winter, your days are numbered...

The wattle, an explosion of gold, I simply had to stop the car and record the abundance of blossoms. It took ages to get home because as my eye had been attuned to ‘yellow’, I stopped and took photos of anything yellow that caught my attention. I dropped in to see my mother who happened to be hand-washing woollens; serendipitously, she was wearing yellow gloves, and when she opened the door to come out to see me, I asked her to hold her golden yellow be-gloved hands to the sky… she politely acquiesced.

Please enjoy my visual essay on today’s marvellous YELLOWS. Happy days, Lara Jane.

This clump of daffodils has been delighting my family for over 30 Springs.
Be on guard for horses and their riders...
Another species of wattle, paler, more duckling yellow.
Speaking of ducklings, this is an image of Graeme's latest painting:  "The Navigators" 92 x 170cm, on it's way to the Christopher Day Gallery in Paddington, Sydney, Australia as I write.

In South Australia, power lines are supported by 'Stobie' poles, a concrete slab supported on either side by  metal joists.
These jonquils (I think), emerge every year and have for the 3 decades I have known this space.
Attention:  curves ahead!
A species of gorse, sharp prickles, a rapacious weed, but sporting a pretty yellow nonetheless.
My Milk Bottle Everlasting Daisies (see previous post), still upright and responsive to a breeze after many a winter storm, amongst the Oxalis (the foliage that looks like Clover).
When the almost neon yellow of the Oxalis open (more commonly known as Soursops), the bees celebrate!
Hello Mum and your yellow gloves!
Daisies beaming yellow and happy from Mum's garden.
On arriving home I said 'hello' to Graeme in his studio, here are his most regularly used yellows...
"This here's the wattle, emblem of our land, you can stick it in a bottle, or hold it in your hand"... Monty Python.

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