Thursday, 24 October 2013

I'm in love with... Peace roses


Every year my climbing Peace rose offers to us the most beautiful of blooms, despite the harsh growing conditions; the wind, and the very low temperatures.  As the days become warmer the roses open and release their delicate scent.  This year my Peace rose is flowering with abundance.

Each day I pick more blooms and add them to my Grandmother Helena's crystal rose vase.  It has a silver band around the top engraved "Clubmeister 1933, Kiel".  I don't know much of the story behind this, but I know Helena's brother, Kyril was an avid sailor and motor car racer.  I suspect this vase was one of Kyril's winnings...  It has roses cut into the crystal and I have used this vase since my early 20's when Grandma gave it to me.  I love this vase as much as I love Peace roses.

Wishing you a peaceful day,
The light was better outside, thus this photograph of the rose vase on an old weather-beaten wooden stool.

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