Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Father Christmas correspondence

Or, a glitter signature always means magic...

It was the night before Christmas, and as the sun began to set a little girl wrote a note to Santa Claus. She chose some treats to give Mr C energy during his long night of delivering presents, and a small bottle of mineral water to keep him hydrated.  She laid out the letter, the treats and the mineral water (with a glass and straw) on a tray on the ottomans near the Christmas tree, made a wish and headed off to bed.
Translation from over-excited-forgot-to-add-'please'-in-her-excitement-6-year-old-script:  Dear Santa Claus, I love you. Could you bring me a pillow pet that lights up in the dark.  Love Sylvie.
On Christmas day morning, all were thrilled to see that Mr C had indeed, visited.  There were 'snowy' footprints near the fireplace (remember it's summer here, so no need for fires) and the promised present was waiting in the hearth.  The chocolates had been eaten, and most of the gingerbread.  Mr C must have been thirsty, as all the mineral water was gone!

Wishing you a happy holiday, we're in for a hot day here, we'll be splashing about in the paddle pool on the deck.


Sylvie received the gift from Mr C that she had asked for, a pillow-pet that lights up in the dark.
Thank you Mr C!  Enjoy a well-earned rest after all your travels.

The Apatosaurus is the newest addition to Sylvie's collection of Schleich dinosaurs.  Sylvie was deeply impressed with Mr C's magic glitter signature...

And here is 'Rainbow' the pillow pet from Father Christmas.

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