Monday, 25 March 2013

Make me! Easter chicky-chick bubbles

Or a speedy Easter gift idea that doesn’t involve chocolates or sugar, & is totally calorie free!

Easter chicky-chick bubbles

Easter chicky-chick bubble gifts, don't they have the sweetest little faces?

In many Australian primary schools it is customary at Christmas time for a student to bring in hand-written cards for each member of the class with a small token gift included in the envelope, something tiny; a decoration, a pretty pencil, perhaps a small candy cane. 

This practice extends to Easter and the obvious little token gift is… you guessed it, chocolate.  Count every student in the class and this will be the number of chocolates your child will bring home on the Thursday prior to Good Friday.  This translates to the prospect of a mini-chocolate feast beginning before Easter Sunday, and as a parent you are faced with the situation of letting them eat all 24 eggs on the drive home on Thursday, or gathering them all up and saving them for Easter Sunday (or somewhere in between).

Here is a very easy idea that you can whip up in a flash.  There are two components and only one piece of equipment required.

What you need

A hot glue gun & glue
Mini bubble bottles (usually sold in slabs of 24 in the party section of supermarkets)
A small chicky-chick for each bubble bottle (sold in large haberdashery stores like Spotlight in the lead up to Easter, often in packets of 12 or 6)

A box of chicky-chicks + a box of bubble bottles + glue gun = 24 dear little chicky-chick bubble bottle Easter gifts.

Instructions (the shortest I will ever write I think).

Warm up the glue gun, apply glue to the top of the bottle cap and settle the feet of the chicky-chick into the warm glue.  Let the glue set.  Done!

You can add to this if you wish by purchasing the large sized plastic egg containers (‘8cm fillable eggs’) and pop the chicky-chick bubble bottle inside.  These gifts are for 5 year olds so I avoided adding a ribbon around the outside to keep it simple, but you could dot a bit of hot glue on the join, centre a length of ribbon and tie at the front if you wished for an added, extra sweetness).  

Fits perfectly in the 8cm size 'fillable' egg available at craft stores around Easter time.

The be-ribboned egg.  I used about 50cm of velvet ribbon.

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